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Orchid Species: Zootrophion bivalvis

Kew currently accepted name is Pleurothallis bivalvis

Zootrophion bivalvis is an orchid species name for which no taxonomic record was found. Culture information and photos for this orchid are commonly detailed under the currently accepted name of Pleurothallis bivalvis.
Zootrophion (Zo.)
ORIGIN: Found in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela in wet montane cloud forests on steep slopes at elevations of 1000 to 3300 meters.

DESCRIPTION: Small sized, cool to cold growing epiphyte and terrestrial with an erect, stout ramicaul subtended by 2 tubular sheaths and carrying a single, cordate-elliptical leaf that blooms in the winter and spring on a sessile, fasciculate, successively single, few flowered inflorescence holding the flowers close to the leaf base.

FLOWER SIZE: 1/2 inch [1.25 cm] -- information provided by Jay Pfahl, author of the Internet Orchid Species Encyclopedia (IOSPE).
Other Names
Genus Name Genus Grex Name Year Author
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths bivalvis 1846 Lindl.
Add+ Acronia Aro antonensis
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths angusta 1925 Ames & C.Schweinf.
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths antonensis 1942 L.O.Williams
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths archidiaconi 1925 Ames
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths cardiantha 1876 Rchb.f.
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths cardium 1854 Rchb.f.
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths chanchamayoensis 1921 Schltr.
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths fuscata 1924 Braid
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths harlingii 1953 Garay
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths ignivomi 1921 Schltr.
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths lansbergiana 1856 Regel
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths lansbergii 1856 Regel
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths lilianiae 2003 Luer
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths phaeantha 1924 Schltr.
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths pichinchae 1915 Schltr.
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths sigsigensis 1921 Schltr.
Add+ Pleurothallis Pths stenocardium 1914 Schltr.
Add+ Zosterophyllanthos Zosterophyllanthos ignivomi 2001 (Schltr.) Szlach. & Marg.
Add+ Acronia Aro bivalvis 2005 (Lindl.) Luer
Add+ Acronia Aro archidiaconi 2014 (Ames) Carnevali & G.A.Romero
Add+ Humboltia Humboltia bivalvis 1891 (Lindl.) Kuntze
Add+ Humboltia Humboltia cardium 1891 (Rchb.f.) Kuntze
Add+ Zosterophyllanthos Zosterophyllanthos antonensis 2018 (L.O.Williams) Szlach. & Archila
Add+ Zosterophyllanthos Zosterophyllanthos archidiaconi 2012 (Ames) Veyret & Szlach.
Add+ Zosterophyllanthos Zosterophyllanthos bivalvis 2011 (Lindl.) Szlach.
Add+ Zosterophyllanthos Zosterophyllanthos lilianiae 2006 (Luer) Szlach. & Kulak
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