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Elizabeth Padilla Dendrobiums Help with ID, Please & Than You!

ID help, please. 

I received this beaut...

over 1 year ago.
Moises Viana General Discussion I need help identifying this orchid over 1 year ago.
Polina Alexander Phalaenopsis Anyone has Happy Valentine for sale or trade?

Hello, I am trying to get this type for a long time an...

over 1 year ago.
Gabriel Simões General Discussion I need help identifying this plant

I'm guessing it could be a 


How do I get my Orchid Number?

almost 2 years ago.
shirleen trabeaux General Discussion Epidendrium Costa Rica

Where can I buy an Epidendrum Costa Rica?  Prefer...

almost 2 years ago.
William Schinella General Discussion I want to know how to name this plant

I think it might be a Catelaya Hibrid but I am not sur...

almost 2 years ago.
John Marmaro Cattleya Alliance Availability of a particular primary hybrid


I have been looking high nd low f...

almost 2 years ago.
Jerri campbell Cattleya Alliance Identify this plant.

Can anyone tell me the name of this cattleya.  It...

about 2 years ago.
Richard Whyte General Discussion unable to add orchid to my collection


I tried to add an orchid I have and a pho...

about 2 years ago.
Michael Pye OrchidWiz Labels

I know i have asked this before, but could you please ...

about 2 years ago.
Mary Lane General Discussion Editing a Plant Entry

Is anyone else having difficulty? I can’t get th...

about 2 years ago.
Frances LaVigne General Discussion Can anyone ID this dendrobium.

This Den. noid has 8 spikes. It had 3-4 of the first b...

about 2 years ago.
Mary Lane General Discussion Add an orchid to my space

The program doesn’t allow me to do this. It is a...

about 2 years ago.
Milena Radeva Phalaenopsis Orchid name

 Does anyone recognizes this baby and knows ...

over 2 years ago.
Gilda Gómez General Discussion Dendrobium loddigesii

Hello out there orchid lovers.  Newbie here to th...

over 2 years ago.
Edward Zapata General Discussion Selfing Question on Pollinating.

If you are going to do a selfing pollination on a BLC ...

over 2 years ago.
Edward Zapata General Discussion Name of Cymbidium? over 2 years ago.
Adrienne Alexander General Discussion Can Zygopetalum (genus) be added to the look-up?

Could the administrator add Zygopetalum (genus) and it...

over 2 years ago.
Adrienne Alexander General Discussion Zygopetalum

Would love to hear from others about their Zygopetalum...

over 2 years ago.
Pieter Opperman General Discussion Some advice please

I acquired this BLC Hsinying Emperor 'Hsinying'...

over 2 years ago.
Susan Makar General Discussion "Aztec Gold"

Good morning / Good evening,

Question: Has a...

over 2 years ago.
Alison Brown General Discussion BLC can anyone tell me the hybrid name

Brought this several years ago from an orchid club eve...

over 2 years ago.
Al Gerard General Discussion Nitrogen levels?

Hi Folks, I have a guestion regarding Nitrogen le...

over 2 years ago.
Raina Steiner General Discussion Ellison Onizuka

A long time ago, I had an orchid named Ellison Onizuka...

over 2 years ago.
Adrienne Alexander General Discussion How to add a not-listed plant

I have quite a few plants that are either named or who...

over 2 years ago.
Juan Martin Cabrejos General Discussion Any idea of this Cattleya?

Got this bifoliate catt some time ago. No idea waht it...

over 2 years ago.
Karl Olsen Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis Hope Star

Some time ago I was able to get hold of a Phallie labe...

almost 3 years ago.
Brenda Sharpe General Discussion Dendrobium clavator

Can anyone tell me what medium they use to pot Dendrob...

almost 3 years ago.
Greg Barne General Discussion Using triacontanol on orchids

I am looking for information on how to use triacontano...

almost 3 years ago.
Carol Holdren General Discussion Orchid History

Cattleya Hybrida, a cross between C guttata x C loddig...

almost 4 years ago.
Tom De Mello Dendrobiums Dendrobium wardianum

Would anyone have this plant for sale or know where I ...

almost 4 years ago.
Dave Groffen Dendrobiums Dendrobium sutiknoi hybrids

The image is of a first flowering Den. sutiknoi

about 4 years ago.