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How Long to Bloom?

Posted by Sys Admin over 9 years ago Joyce Kelly found this good information in a 1982 Jones & Scully catalog. Pot size in standard size plants can help you guess when the plants may bloom. This is part of that chart: Pot Size…... Read More

Mealy Bugs

Author is Susan Taylor, posted over 9 years ago Mealy bugs are one of the more serious of pests on orchids, fortunately they are less likely to appear in orchid collections. They are closely related to scale and are very similar in appearance to... Read More

Maintaining An Orchid Terrarium

Author is Susan Taylor, posted over 9 years ago Once you have your terrarium set up for your orchids maintaining happy and healthy plants is easy if you give them all the elements of their environment they need. Depending upon the type of pla... Read More

Getting Orchids Ready For Fall/Winter

Author is Liese, posted over 9 years ago Even though it’s early September, fall seems to be in the air. The days are slowly getting shorter, the nights cooler, and some trees are even beginning to lose their leaves. The kids are back in s... Read More

Could Tums Help Orchids Too?

Author is Dot Henley, posted over 9 years ago   A couple of years ago, I asked Andy Easton why some of our Catts had black tipped leaves. He said might be a calcium deficiency. Since then I have added 5 Tums tablets to every 20 gallons of f... Read More

Cattleya trianae

Author is Lou Lodyga, posted over 9 years ago This beautiful species is from Colombia’s rain forest and is their national flower. It was selected for this prestigious position because it has the same colors as the Colombian flag. A strong grow... Read More

Bulbophyllum guttulatum

Posted by Sys Admin over 9 years ago This is a small warm to cool-growing member of this large class of orchids which is found in the Himalayas, Assam, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Vietnam where it grows at elevations of 1000 t... Read More

Rate Your Growing Skills

Author is Tom Sheehan, posted over 9 years ago   ORCHIDOPHILOS by Tom Sheehan Frequently I am asked by an orchidist how to tell whether or not he/she is doing a good job of growing his/her plants. Actually, this is a good question, becaus... Read More


Author is Liese, posted over 9 years ago Ideally, most orchids do best in the 70’s and 80’s, going cooler at night. During mid-summer, when they receive week after week of 90 degree temperatures, they need a bit of extra TLC to keep them ... Read More

Staking Orchid Flowers

Author is Susan Taylor, posted over 9 years ago Staking your inflorescences so that the flowers can be presented and shown to their best effect is an art into itself. If you go to an orchid show or society meeting where blooming plants are displ... Read More


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