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Welcome New Members!! To be appointed administrator of your society or business page, please email us at [email protected].

Author is Carol Holdren, posted about 2 years ago You can tailor your society or business page yourself when you are the administrator. Add events and photos. Make a part of your outreach - it is all at no cost to you. When you list yo... Read More

Trichoglottis fasciata

Author is Steven Kirincich, posted about 2 years ago Read More

Restrepiella doucetteana

Author is Marcos N, posted about 2 years ago Read More

Check out the great beginner articles by Ken Slump Added to ORCHIDS.ORG

Author is Sys Admin, posted over 2 years ago The International Orchid Foundation is happy to announce the publishing of 71 articles written by Ken Slump, long time orchid grower and judge.  The content contains a weath of information, especia... Read More

Your Local Orchid Society

Author is Ken Slump, posted over 2 years ago Join, Participate and Discover New Flowers and Friends EVERY SERIOUS ORCHID HOBBYIST should seek out and become an active member of their local orchid society. From the moment I walked into my... Read More

What Goes Around (Wardian Cases)

Author is Ken Slump, posted over 2 years ago A Revival of the Wardian Case Sparks Interest Among Orchid Enthusiasts GARDENING IS NOT IMMUNE TO styles, trends and fads. And so it seems that the time has come again for a broad interest in ... Read More

Waiting for Stanhope

Author is Ken Slump, posted over 2 years ago Wire Baskets and Mounts Allow These New World Orchids to Flower Naturally SOME THINGS IN LIFE ARE VALUED because they are fleeting; others are treasured because they are like nothing else. Sta... Read More

Volunteers Needed

Author is Ken Slump, posted over 2 years ago Sign Up for a Worthy Cause ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO GET ON the fast track and learn more about any special interest or hobby is to seek out organizations for those of a like mind. Orchid societ... Read More

Vintage Orchid Books

Author is Ken Slump, posted over 2 years ago A Rich History Awaits Those Who Look for Out-of-Print Volumes IT IS NO SECRET THAT THE INTEREST and passion for orchids has led to numerous writings about them for many decades, and my weaknes... Read More

Tree Dwellers (Dendrobiums)

Posted by Sys Admin over 2 years ago Dendrobiums Offer Myriad Choices in Plant Size and Flower Color ONE OF THE LARGEST AND MOST diverse of orchid genera is Dendrobium, with various authors listing the number of species from abou... Read More


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