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Cattleyas - General Information

Posted by Sys Admin about 3 years ago One of the more popular orchids, Cattleya orchids are liked for their large frilly flowers. They are available in all sorts of sizes, large as well as miniature Cattleyas. A lot of them are natural... Read More
800px panarica prismatocarpa

Epidendrum prismatocarpum

Posted by Sys Admin about 7 years ago If you like flowers that make a statement then this striking species is for you. Native to Mexico and Central America it’s found in forests growing on large tree branches. The bright, long-lasti... Read More
800px laelia tenebrosa espirito

Laelia (Cattleya) tenebrosa

Posted by Sys Admin about 7 years ago Laelia (Cattleya) tenebrosa is one of the most spectacular of the big Laelias, now moved into the genus Cattleya. It is closely related to Laelia purpurata and Laelia grandis but needs less sun tha... Read More
Laelia anceps %286508070207%29

Laelia anceps

Posted by Sys Admin about 7 years ago Laelia anceps is an undemanding and easy plant to grow for most people. This species is naturally occurring in Mexico and is extremely drought resistant as well as temperature tolerant. It will ... Read More
Cattleya esalqueana orchi 013

Laelia esalqueana

Posted by Sys Admin about 7 years ago Laelia esalqueana is one of the star-shaped Laelias known as “Rupicolus Laelias” due to their unique habitat growing in almost full sun in rocky mountainous terrain, sometimes on the rocks themselv... Read More

Prostechea boothiana

Posted by Sys Admin about 7 years ago A Florida native, also found in the Caribbean and Mexico in dry scrub forest and tropical deciduous forests as a hot to warm growing miniature to small sized epiphyte. It is found from sea level to... Read More

Falling Leaves – Cattleyas

Posted by Sys Admin about 7 years ago In general, leaf loss in Cattleya Alliance orchids is not considered to be a major growing problem. Unless you have very good growing conditions and have solved most of your cultural problems, you ... Read More
800px flor de mayo

Cattleya trianae

Posted by Sys Admin about 7 years ago This beautiful species is from Colombia’s rain forest and is their national flower. It was selected for this prestigious position because it has the same colors as the Colombian flag. A strong grow... Read More
Cattleya perciviliana %282%29

Christmas Blooming Orchid: Cattleya percivaliana

Posted by Sys Admin about 7 years ago One of the Christmas blooming orchids, this species is native to Venezuela where it is found at altitudes of 1300 – 2000 meters, however the plant will grow and bloom well at sea level as it grows ... Read More


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