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Growing Orchids In A Terrarium

Posted by Sys Admin almost 7 years ago A decorative idea for growing orchids in the home is the use of a terrarium, conservatory or Wardian Case. The concept behind the use of these items is that you create a  mini-greenhouse inside to ... Read More
800px peristeria elata orchi 11

Peristeria elata

Posted by Sys Admin almost 7 years ago This plant has long been one of my favourites. It is a terrestrial and loves warm growing conditions. It is the national flower of Panama where it grows as a terrestrial in loamy soil and humus poc... Read More
Cattleya esalqueana orchi 013

Laelia esalqueana

Posted by Sys Admin almost 7 years ago Laelia esalqueana is one of the star-shaped Laelias known as “Rupicolus Laelias” due to their unique habitat growing in almost full sun in rocky mountainous terrain, sometimes on the rocks themselv... Read More
800px trudelia cristata

Vanda cristata

Posted by Sys Admin almost 7 years ago Vanda cristata Lindl. 1833 Distribution: Himalayas, Tibet and Assam Vanda cristata is found at between 1200-2300 m in the Himalayas (Garhwal to Bhutan), Tibet and Assam (Khasia). Vanda crista... Read More
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Fall Orchid Growing Tips

Posted by Sys Admin almost 7 years ago Repot Fall is a good time to repot those orchids which have already bloomed and are going into a rest period or growing pseudobulbs which will mature over the winter. With cooler weather the trans... Read More
800px panarica prismatocarpa

Epidendrum prismatocarpum

Posted by Sys Admin almost 7 years ago If you like flowers that make a statement then this striking species is for you. Native to Mexico and Central America it’s found in forests growing on large tree branches. The bright, long-lasti... Read More

Falling Leaves – Cattleyas

Posted by Sys Admin almost 7 years ago In general, leaf loss in Cattleya Alliance orchids is not considered to be a major growing problem. Unless you have very good growing conditions and have solved most of your cultural problems, you ... Read More
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Summer In South Florida

Posted by Sys Admin almost 7 years ago These are a few things, in no particular order, that you might wish to consider that could help your plants through what is often a very difficult growing season in South Florida. It’s hot and t... Read More
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Repotting Keikis

Posted by Sys Admin almost 7 years ago Question:  I have a healthy vanda that flowers freely. Now, however, it is growing two plantlets. How do I remove them and pot into their own baskets? M.H. Starzinger Answer:  The offsets are kn... Read More

Setting Up A Terrarium

Posted by Sys Admin almost 7 years ago Many orchid growers graduate from the windowsill to a terrarium in order to better control environmental conditions, especially humidity, for their plants. An old aquarium can be used for this purp... Read More


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