Category: Oncidium Alliance

Hybridizing Notes: Rhync. bictoniense v. sulfureum & some Rhync. rossii

Author is Andy Easton, posted 10 months ago I'm just going to call this Odm. bictoniense for now as Rhyncostele sounds way too like an uncomfortable disease plus it makes fertile hybrids with many members of the Odontoglossum Alliance. Howev... Read More

Hybridizing Notes: Odtna. Brugensis remake - Howard Liebman

Author is Andy Easton, posted 10 months ago Known as Odtna. Brugensis, this 1913 hybrid between Mps. vexillaria and Cyrtochilum edwardii, was remade by Howard Liebman and treated with colchicine if I recall correctly. I had a number of seedl... Read More

Hybridizing Notes: Perlite's Odcdm. Tiger Barb

Author is Andy Easton, posted 10 months ago (Odm. maculatum x Odcdm. Tiger Ham burhen) Well I must be honest and say that this hybrid never really impressed me! The Odont world is full of yellows and while I love Odm. maculatum hybrids wh... Read More

Hybridizing Notes: Oda. Koo Wee Rup ‘Tiffany’

Author is Andy Easton, posted 10 months ago If Tim Brydon gives the varietal name of ‘Tiffany’ to any of his Odonts, you’d better take notice! It means the plant is the best of the cross that he has bloomed. I am figuring that Tim remade the... Read More

Hybridizing Notes: Oda. (McLaren Vale × Desirable) 'Pacifica'

Author is Andy Easton, posted 10 months ago An Altmann crossing, registered by the late John Hainsworth. Philip Altmann seems to have dropped out of the orchid world and I still miss John Hainsworth, a great character and a "can do" type of ... Read More

Odontoglossum harryanum

Author is Henry Williams, posted 10 months ago O. HARRYANUM, Rchb.f.—An extraordinary species, which, when introduced in 1886, came as a great surprise to the Orchid growers of this country. The particular spot in the United States of Colombia ... Read More

Suddenly the Penny Dropped

Author is Andy Easton, posted 10 months ago I have always been fascinated by Vuylstekeara Cambria. It was the first Odont that I ever got from Keith Andrew, the original mother plant no less and I registered my first hybrid from it in 1984, ... Read More

MILTONIAS: Growths Turn Yellowish-green and Fall

Author is Robert M. [Bert] Hamilton (Compiler), posted over 4 years ago Perhaps over-watering or accumulating salts in the medium cause this to new growths; try applying water liberally to the dry plants, after 15 minutes repeat. A77-527 Read More

MILTONIA SCORCH: Bacterial Tip Burn

Author is Robert M. [Bert] Hamilton (Compiler), posted over 4 years ago Appears only on miltonias; not yet identified; cool temperatutes cause it; extremely infectious; water-soaked spots appear on edge of leaf, often on the new ones and spreads to pseudobulbs which tu... Read More

MILTONIA SCORCH: A Bacterial Disease

Author is Robert M. [Bert] Hamilton (Compiler), posted over 4 years ago Attacks both leaves and pseudobulbs, where it appears as if tissue had been eaten away; cut out all decayed matter, soak in Anti-Damp or Natriphene, then swab with Tersan. A73-816 Read More


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