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2 18 2019 2 02 04 pm

How to Find (Almost) Anything in OrchidWiz, Part 2

Posted by Alex Maximiano about 1 year ago In this section, we will discuss a common trick to use when we know parts of the orchid name but not the whole thing.  For example, let's say you are looking for Iwanagara [Iana.] Appleblossom whic... Read More
2 18 2019 10 38 39 am

How to Find (Almost) Anything in OrchidWiz, Part 1

Posted by Alex Maximiano about 1 year ago If you follow a few simple rules, you can find almost any orchid in OrchidWiz.  For the following example, we are going to assume you clicked "Search" from the OrchidWiz start screen (see main phot... Read More

Rains, Humidity and Orchids

Posted by Sys Admin about 1 year ago We know for the fact that orchids love moisture and thrive when humidity is high. The ideal conditions for best orchid growth are partial or indirect sunlight with just one or two hours of direct s... Read More
1024px opera%c3%a7%c3%a3o dem%c3%a9ter  bahia %2840652663475%29

Harmful Effects of Common Orchid Pesticides

Posted by Sys Admin about 1 year ago We have been using pesticides and various other chemicals frequently to get rid of pests and diseases in plants, without realising the harmful effects of these chemicals. Now, studies and reports a... Read More
1024px pollinisation lactea

Pollinating The Orchid Flowers

Posted by Sys Admin over 1 year ago Orchids can be propagated through various means, one of which is by pollination. Though it is the most tedious method of propagation, still the orchids produced through this method are more capable... Read More
645px bletilla striata2

Using Orchids as Medicine

Posted by Sys Admin over 1 year ago Though we all admire orchids for their beauty, but there is more to them then that. For centuries they have been used by locals/tribals as a source of medicine. Many ancient societies have literatu... Read More
300 water beads

Using Water Beads For Growing Orchids

Posted by Sys Admin over 1 year ago Water beads seem like tiny magical grains that swell up with water, like the bean-stalk seeds from the fairy tales. These tiny beads are capable of storing amazing amounts of water and can be used ... Read More
Coughs and sneezes spread diseases %2821665866709%29

Your Flu and Orchid Care

Posted by Sys Admin over 1 year ago Everyone gets sick once in a while, but what happens to your orchids when you are unable to get up to care for them? With every change in the season comes a host of fevers to put you to bed. So it ... Read More
Silverleaf whitefly

Orchids And The persistent Whitefly

Posted by Sys Admin over 1 year ago Most orchid species are susceptible to whiteflies. These insects are attracted to the softer parts of the plants, where they can easily suck the sap. These persistent pests have, unfortunately deve... Read More
1024px praia da rocha  portim%c3%a3o 2

Summers And Your Orchids

Posted by Sys Admin over 1 year ago With summers in full swing, the soaring temperatures and accompanying dry wind is a killer for man and plants alike, especially in the dry tropics. While man can take shelter, the plants have to be... Read More


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