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Dendrophylax lindenii %2816979925623%29

Ten Unique And Mysterious Orchids

Posted by Sys Admin over 2 years ago Beautiful flowers are the orchids' main attraction. The orchids flowers are very unique in their structure and have a myriad of colours. Though, the floral structure of orchid flowers does follow a... Read More

Orchids- Book Review

Posted by Sys Admin over 2 years ago Recently, while searching a book on orchid culture, I came across quite an old book on orchids. Orchids – Structure, History and Culture is a classic book and was written in 1886 by Lewis Castle, w... Read More

Making Name Labels For Orchids

Posted by Sys Admin over 2 years ago With spring peeping through the leaves, the need for repotting will present itself for some of your orchids. With repotting you will also be requiring new labels for the newly repotted orchids. Nam... Read More
Cymbidium sinense orchi 191

Growing Your Cymbidiums

Posted by Sys Admin about 3 years ago There a large number of both tree growing Cymbidiums as well as ground growing ones. These are easy to grow orchids in general and show tolerance to a wide range of temperatures, especially the epi... Read More
800px ogr%c3%b3d botaniczny uj w krakowie 053

Orchids Need To be Labelled

Posted by Sys Admin about 3 years ago Labelling your orchids is very important. Every experienced orchidologist, or rather anyone working with plants in general, will advise beginners as well as old hands to always label the plants. Wh... Read More
Urea nitrate %28ii%29

Alternative Of Urea for Orchids

Posted by Sys Admin about 3 years ago Once we learnt to how to produce fertilizers for plants, there was a tremendous sprout in their use. Urea was an early entrant in the list of artificially prepared commercial fertilizer. Though it ... Read More
Orchid doctor


Posted by Sys Admin about 3 years ago Three-year average solar radiation square feet of horizontal surface for peak summer months; about 70 cities listed; highest radiation is in Phoenix with 200; lowest is Caribou, ME. at 115. (RMH) Read More
Orchid doctor

PETAL BLIGHT: Botrytis cinerea

Posted by Sys Admin about 3 years ago It is confined to older flowers during cold damp weather; it is most common on various genera; small, circular spots often bordered by a delicate rim of pink; the imperfect stage Botrytis cinerea i... Read More
Orchid doctor

FLUORESCENT LIGHTS: Optimum Amount for Seedlings in Flasks

Posted by Sys Admin about 3 years ago 40 watt per square foot at twelve inches distance is abundantly adequate. A74-969 Read More
Orchid doctor

FLUORESCENT LIGHTS: To Produce Excellent Color in Flowers

Posted by Sys Admin about 3 years ago For display, the odd combination of one standard (not wide-spectrum) Gro-Lux tube #F40/GRO, with one Cool White Deluxe tube #F40/CWX (not the standard Cool White tube); under them white is pure whi... Read More


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