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Shopping List

Author is Ken Slump, posted 6 months ago What to Look for When Buying an Orchid Plant HERE IS A LIST OF A FEW THINGS you should look for next time you start out to purchase an orchid plant: Foliage should be firm, not wrinkled ... Read More

Shooting Stars and Everlastings

Author is Ken Slump, posted 6 months ago Orchids Offer a Range of Flower Longevity It is interesting to consider how long any flower should or could last if it is not cut from the plant. Certainly the stems, roots and foliage of most... Read More

Seeing the Light

Author is Ken Slump, posted 6 months ago Indoors or Outside, Proper Exposure Coaxes Orchids to Flower LIGHT DRIVES THE PHOTOSYNTHETIC process in plants, transforming nutrients into food they use to grow and flower. It is perhaps the ... Read More

Recognizing Excellence

Author is Ken Slump, posted 6 months ago Details in the Flowers Can Indicate Award Winners THERE COMES A DAY WHEN EVERY orchid novice realizes that all orchid flowers are not created equal. Yet it is fair for the beginner to ask what... Read More

Reading the Leaves

Author is Ken Slump, posted 6 months ago Examining Plants Closely Offers a Clue to Health ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT habits that an orchid grower can develop is the practice of regular and careful observation of his or her plants. Eac... Read More

Popular Acclaim

Author is Ken Slump, posted 6 months ago 11 Orchids Often Recognized by AOS Judges FOR SEVERAL DECADES, AMERICAN Orchid Society judges have operated with a consistent judging system for evaluating and recognizing orchid excellence. E... Read More

Performance Anxiety

Author is Ken Slump, posted 6 months ago Determining What your Orchids Need to do Their Best WHEN YOU HAVE NURTURED FOR months an orchid plant that has previously bloomed, it is disappointing when a new growth fails to flower. The ma... Read More

Multiplication by Division

Author is Ken Slump, posted 6 months ago When Repotting, Consider the Benefits of Dividing Orchids MOST OF TODAY’S ORCHID growers do not remember the days before orchid mericlones were available. It was in the 1960s that it was disco... Read More

More Bang for the Buck

Author is Ken Slump, posted 6 months ago Choosing Orchids that Offer Flowers Galore THERE ARE QUITE A FEW ORCHIDS that produce only a blossom or two at flowering time that are nevertheless well worth the effort to grow simply because... Read More

Lips Sweeter than Wine

Author is Ken Slump, posted 6 months ago Orchid Flowers with a Painterly Touch Garner Praise FOR MANY, PURE WHITE FLOWERS of most any type represent floral perfection. There seems to be something unique and captivating about a white ... Read More


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